Teaching Materials

Natural Language Processing (344.075)

Johannes Kepler University (JKU) Course webpage
Teaching material of Winter Semester 2020/21:

Lecture 1: Principles of Text Processing ّّslides

Lecture 2: Sentiment Analysis with Machine Learning ّّslides

Lecture 3: Word Embedding with Matrix Factorization ّّslides

Lecture 4: Neural Networks – a Walkthrough ّّslides

Lecture 5: Language Modeling and Neural Word Embedding ّّslides

Lecture 6: Information Retrieval with Neural Networks ّّslides

Lecture 7: Footprint of Societal Biases in NLP ّّslides

Lecture 8: Compositional Representations ّّslides

Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning

Johannes Kepler University (JKU) Course webpage
Parts of the teaching material of Summer Semester 2020:

Language Modeling with Recurrent Neural Networks ّّslides

LSTM, GRU, and applications in summarization and contextualized word embeddings ّّslides

Sequence-to-sequence Models with Attention ّّslides

Transformers and more Contextualized Word Embeddings ّّslides

Natural Language Processing

Spring & Autumn Semester 2019

Neural Network Approaches to Representation Learning for NLP ّّslides part 1slides part 2

Tendencies and Trends in NLP ّّslides

Information Retrieval

TU Wien

Scoring and Search ّّslides part 1slides part 2

Opinion Mining and Sentiment Analysis ّّslides

Supervised students

Patrick Fritsch ّّJKU Master thesis (co-supervised)

Daniel Jeffrey Smarda EPFL - Semester project

Jenny Paola Yela Bello EPFL - Master thesis (co-supervised)

Christoph Hämmerle TU Wien - Master thesis (co-supervised)

Sebastian Hofstätter TU Wien - Master thesis (co-supervised)